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Welcome to Melville Jewellers for unique quality bespoke jewellery, | 30 years experience | All work done on premises and guaranteed | FREE quotes on all repairs

Watch Batteries, Jewellery repairs, watch repairs and rhodium plating are some of our most popular services we offer. If your not sure or need advice please call me on 9339 3793.

Michael, the owner and jeweller at Melville Jewellers has over 30 years experience in the jewellery trade, following on from his father before him. The Melville Jewellers work shop is situated in the Stammers Shopping Centre at 265 Canning highway, Palmyra, parking is free. Look for the Woolworths super market and you have found the building! We are in the mall next to Palmyra post office, opposite the newsagent.

All jewellery and watch repairs are completed on the premises to the highest standards possible, photos of my work can be seen through-out the web site, as all products on this web site are my designs.

Michaels Designs

Michael created his own brand "Jewellery My Way" several years ago, feeling the need  to create jewellery that had beauty with meaning, so purchasers would have an emotional connection to each individual piece of jewellery 

The very first design was inspired from a beautiful tree growing on the side of an ancient stone dwelling in the Isle of Man (my family have lived here for generations) see the magnificent photo below of this majestically beautiful tree.

Every stone of the Cottage side wall is a different size, shape and colour, magically assembled, to produce a perfect wall from seemingly imperfect stone, it makes a grand back drop for this Tree of life or 'Mighty Oak', as it is known in Manx and Celtic culture. Many cultures around the world have recognised the symbolism of the tree of life. In Australia, various aboriginal tribes recognise the Boab trees as their symbol of wisdom, knowledge and circle of life.

The roots of the tree became endless Celtic knots for never ending life and love and connecting to the earth, giving the tree its support and nourishment from the soil. The leaves and branches connect by absorbing the light and energy of the sun to create growth and life. The trunk became the pillar of strength. From this inspiration, the 'Tree of Life' pendant was created.

From this beautiful Tree of Life pendant, I have been inspired to develop Jewellery My Way, all the pieces with in the ranges have 'beauty with meaning'. Whether you have been bought one as a gift, given one as a  present or you have decided to treat yourself, their value is greater than the beauty of the jewellery alone.


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