BRING IN THE OLD-We can make it new again!!!

June 27, 2017

BRING IN THE OLD-We can make it new again!!!


For all your watches/clocks:

  • Battery changes
    • We also offer pressure testing of watches with a six month warranty
  • Services
    • Servicing of watches and clocks also come with a six month workmanship warranty 
  • Adding/removing links
  • New bands 
    • We have a range of both metal and leather bands in different sizes to choose from in store
  • New pins 

For all your jewellery repairs:

  • Ring re-sizing 
  • White-gold rhodium plating 
  • Soldering
    • With our new laser welder we may also be able to repair your pieces that previously may not have been able to do on our traditional soldering tool
  • Ring remodelling 
    • If your old rings just aren't to your taste anymore but you ca't bare to part with them, bring them in and we'll see if we can turn into something you can cherish for years to come
  • Jewellery designing
    • Got a whole heap of old jewellery that you can never see yourself wearing again? That's where we come in. With your old gold we can create something tailored completely to your desire using your own gold, putting the old to new use.
  • Jewellery evaluation

These services are just some of our most popular works. If you are not sure if your pieces are of any worth or what you want to do with your pieces COME IN! Our Jewellery/Watch maker Michael and manager Fausta have been in the business for close to 20 years now and may be able to offer you some of their insight and give you a FREE quote on what we can do for you!