Fleur de Lis Jewellery collection | NEW STOCK

October 04, 2014


These are more of Michaels new beautiful designs, to add to his Jewellery my way design portfolio, please call into the shop or order on line to purchase one of these very special hand crafted designs, available in 9ct and 18ct on request as all our designs are, all pendants are supplied with high quality silver 45cm chains which have been rhodium plated.

The Fleur di Lis symbol is known by most to be a symbol of French royalty, by its roots and symbolism date back to much earlier times please check out this info (attached below) and how it relates to the tree of life which is also an important part of my jewellery collections.

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 An Assyrian king (722 BC-705 BC) wears a helmet crowned with the Fleur-de-lis, symbolizing divinity and rulership and a trinity of gods. Note the symbolism of the number 3, encoded in the Tree of Life. The ruler is portrayed standing in front of the Tree of Life, with the Fleur-de-lis encoded as the tree's base, symbolizing immortality, a trinity, and divine resurrection.